The Weekly Standard, Good Riddance

The Weekly Standard has announced it is ceasing publication. This is a small victory of karmic justice.

I never understood the “intellectual” defense of conservatism. The mental gymnastics to rationalize the casual greed and cruelty of the right wing are so arbitrary that if they weren’t so harmful, they would be absurdly hilarious.

If you never read The Weekly Standard, you are fortunate. Imagine a magazine written and edited by a whole staff of David Brooks clones. Simultaneously mediocre and horrifying.


The magazine was started by neocon vampire and cheerleader for war crimes, Bill Kristol. Despite his blatant and well documented failure as a proponent of the disastrous 2003 Iraq invasion, Kristol has consistently made the rounds as a “serious” conservative on the pundit circuit. His latest spiel is how Trump is bad for conservatism. No Mr. Kristol, conservatism is bad. Trump and his followers have just stripped away any of the lipstick of false reason that people like you have put on the cruel pig of conservatism. Now that conservatives have embraced their inhumanity in fascists like Trump, they no longer need the florid camouflage of your pseudo-intellectualism.

I am crossing my fingers that the New York Times doesn’t hire Kristol in their current downward spiral of “both sides-ism”. That possibility is all too real.

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